Icarus… who is the fifth crew member?

Sunshine (2007), dir. Danny Boyle

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Smoking Cills.


Sun, sun go away.


Tony Squawk

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Cillian Murphy

Photographed by Vassilis Karidis for So It Goes Magazine

Cate & Toothless at the Cannes Film Festival

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he looks so pleased

"oh look. look at this apple. it me"

horf horf horf

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Chris Pratt Interrupts Interview To French Braid Intern’s Hair

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Watch Thomas. I know how he is. But he does what he does for us. I think.

GET TO KNOW ME MEMEFavorite TV series [5/5] → Orange Is The New Black.

             All I wanted was to eat the chicken that is smarter than other chickens and to absorb its power.


Once Upon A December…

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But that’s just the trouble with me. I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.

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Well, there is one church I’m thinking of painting when the weather is right.

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